The investment for a deluxe condominium at PALMARUBA CONDOS costs less than a similarly located and sized single-family home in the same area. Because the overall cost is lower, both the monthly mortgage payment and the property taxes will be lower. Even with the HOA fees, which are used for maintenance of shared features like landscaping, your total monthly carry costs will be lower.

Amenities and Maintenance-Free Living
If you do not like the responsibility of keeping up the grounds around your home but enjoy the landscaping of PALMARUBA CONDOS, the HOA yard maintenance will be a feature you like. PALMARUBA CONDOS has a modern design pool and other amenities you will be able to enjoy but maybe can’t afford for yourself in a single-family home, a condo may work for you. You won’t have to clean the pool or check the hot tub chemicals. It will all be done for you.

Convenient Location
If you want to live in the heart of a popular area, in close proximity to a wide array of commercial uses, our condominium may be your best choice of housing. Land values in this location, Palm Beach Aruba (North), is prohibitively high for the construction of single-family homes. Living in a condominium of PALMARUBA CONDOS will open doors to world’s most beautiful beaches, entertainment, cultural events you might never consider commuting to on a regular basis.

Other Considerations
PALMARUBA CONDOS has security features that very few single-family home owners could afford—everything from a gated entrance to 24-hour security guards.

With an eye to the long-term value of the property, we can show you how comparable sales have fared, as well as resale prospects.
Our homeowners don’t have to worry about finding long term of periodically trustworthy vacation renters, PALMARUBA CONDOS rental program will cover the role of the landlord and prepares the required agreements. PALMARUBA CONDOS also deals with the ongoing management of repairs, practical and legal issues that involves the our rental program.

Please feel free to contact our Sales department for more information about owning a deluxe condominium at PALMARUBA CONDOS.