Is there public transportation to get to Palm Aruba Condos? Should I plan on renting a car?

While there are plenty of shuttles and public transportation options that go to the big-name resorts and five-star hotels (most of which are only a 10-minute walk from Palm Aruba Condos), none specifically stop at or pass in front of our location. Taking a taxi is also an option. Palm Beach is just a short walk from Palm Aruba Condos. If you want maximum flexibility to get around to all parts of One Happy Island during your stay, we do recommend renting a car. We’re happy to assist with this, and also have package deals that include a rental car.

Where can I rent a car? Can you help me do this?

Palm Aruba Condos has great relationships with local vehicle rental companies, so we’re happy to help out with your car rental reservation. When booking your stay at Palm Aruba Condos, be sure to mention that you’d like us to arrange for a rental vehicle and we’ll send you an email with information about the various vehicles available and what they cost so you can make your selection. You’ll also need to let us know your flight arrival data (airline, flight number, arrival date/time). Your condo reservation will serve to secure your car rental reservation. We will then make all the necessary arrangements and confirm everything with you via email. We’ll also supply you with contact information for the vehicle rental company should you need it. There is plenty of free, secure parking available on-site at Palm Aruba Condos.

Can you provide airport transportation?

If you decide you do not want to rent a car for your stay on One Happy Island, we can make arrangements for one of our trusted taxi service providers to pick you up at the airport and bring you to Palm Aruba Condos. While we can make sure a taxi is waiting for you, it will be up to you to pay the taxi for your ride. We do not include taxi fares in our pricing.

How close are you to the Beach?

Getting to the beach from Palm Aruba Condos couldn’t be easier. Just exit the premises of the complex and it’s one straight walk to the left! The walk is only a little more than 1 kilometer (six-tenths of a mile), which takes most people less than 15 minutes. By car it’s just a few minutes, and bicycling would be an option as well. Check out the location page on our website for more information to see what’s nearby.

What are shade options on the beach? What about shade at your pool?

Palm Aruba Condos has a special arrangement with Moomba Beach to allow our guests to use their palapas (large, sturdy, thatched umbrellas) and beach chairs free of charge, subject to availability. If you’d like to take advantage of this arrangement, we’ll provide you with a special Aruba Wine and Dine card you can use for this purpose (you’ll need to get to Moomba Beach on your own). Some beaches have straw cabanas (huts) and palapas available for public use on a first-come-first-served basis (Arashi Beach, Eagle Beach, Baby Beach). At the exquisitely designed exclusive pool at Palm Aruba Condos, there are plenty of shade umbrellas available for our guests.

Can I get beach chairs for the beach?

Palm Aruba Condos has a special arrangement with Moomba Beach to allow our guests to use their palapas (large, sturdy, thatched umbrellas) and beach chairs free of charge, subject to availability. If you’d like to take advantage of this arrangement, we’ll provide you with a special Aruba Wine and Dine card you can use for this purpose (you’ll need to get to Moomba Beach on your own).

What if I need beach towels?

Palm Aruba Condos is pleased to offer our guests with as many beach towels as are registered to stay in your luxury condo. Please remember to bring them back from the beach!

I’d like to do some grilling. Is that possible?

Yes! Palm Aruba Condos has FOUR very nice BBQ grills and lounge areas for you and your guests to enjoy. They’re in high demand, so you do need to reserve your grill ahead of time to ensure availability. We ask you to please clean them well after each use to leave them in the same condition for the next guests to use. There is no additional charge at Palm Aruba Condos to use our outdoor BBQ pit and lounge area – it’s a free service we offer up to our valued guests.

Are there good restaurants available?

Palm Aruba Condos is located in the heart of One Happy Island’s main tourism neighborhood called Palm Beach, which means there are plenty of awesome restaurants to satisfy your appetite at every meal. We have a great relationship with and can strongly recommend the restaurants of both Aruba Wine and Dine and the Giannis Group. And don’t forget that each luxury condo at Palm Aruba includes a full-equipped kitchenette and outdoor BBQ grills when you want to prepare meals on-site.

Is there a place to get groceries nearby? Can you get groceries for me?

There are several mini-markets or convenience stores in the area. The Unicasa Supermarket is only 400 meters (a quarter-mile) away, which most people can walk in less than 5 minutes. There are  an additional 4 large supermarkets located within a 5-minute drive. Palm Aruba Condos does not currently offer a grocery service for our guests.

Do you have elevators?

Yes! Palm Aruba Condos has five floors and four elevators for your convenience. Although we don’t offer bellhop services, a luggage cart is available for you to use when you arrive with your luggage.

Do your condos have hot water?

Yes! Hot water is available in all our luxury condos.

Do you offer housekeeping services?

Your unit will be cleaned prior to and after your stay. Guests who are staying longer than one week receive a free weekly full cleaning service. If additional cleaning is desired we will be happy to arrange that for you at an additional cost as described below:

  • 1 Bedroom Condo $25
  • 2 Bedroom Condo $35
  • 3 Bedroom Condo $45

Light Service:
Sweep the room and tidy the bed with SAME linens. Tidy kitchen and living area (take out trash) and change of dirty towels.

 Full Service:
The room will receive a full cleaning. So Sweep, mop, change linens and dirty towels, plus new standard stock of guest supplies. And complete cleaning of kitchen and living area.

Do your condos come with a hairdryer? What else is included?

Yes! Each of our luxury condos includes a hair dryer, and lots of other things for your comfort. In addition to one, two, or three bedrooms, each condo has a sleeper sofa to accommodate an additional two guests for max capacities of 4, 6, and 8 people, respectively. Each condo also has a fully equipped kitchenette so you have the flexibility to prepare some of your meals in-house as desired. All our condos come with air conditioning, free WiFi, cable TV, a telephone, and are fully furnished. For an example of everything included, check out this example 1-bedroom condo.

Does it matter what day of the week I arrive or leave?

Not at all. You can arrive and depart on any day of the week you want. There are, however, minimum lengths of stay that depend on the season as follows: Low Season (17 April–18 December, 2017) minimum stay is 3 nights. High Season (09 January–06 April, 2017) minimum stay is 3 nights. High Season Easter Week (07 April-16 April, 2017) minimum stay is 7 nights. Premium Season (19 December 2017–05 January) minimum stay is 7 nights.

Can I get a crib and high chair for my infant?

Yes! Palm Aruba Condos has both items available for your unit at an additional cost of $10 per night.

Can I rent a mobile phone that will work on the island?

Palm Aruba Condos does not currently offer this service to our guests on-site, but it is very easy to make your own mobile phone rental arrangement from local providers such as Digicel and Setar who have offices at the airport.