Explore Aruba’s Arikok National Park, Stay at Palm Aruba Condos

When you come to One Happy Island there are so many things to do, it can be hard to know where to start! But we hope you’ll spend at least a day or two exploring the many amazing sights you can find in the island’s beloved Arikok National Park. Your days will be full of many adventures and fun in the sun as you navigate rocky desert landscapes, which means you’ll need a good night’s sleep to be ready for the next day’s activities. The perfect place to stay is a deluxe condominium rental at Palm Aruba Condos!

Many people don’t realize that more than 20% of the island is protected within the borders of Arikok National Park. The island is proud of this natural heritage, which is why there is a small entrance fee of USD $11 per person to help maintain the park for all to enjoy – and to conserve the many animals and plants that call the park home. If you choose to sign up for a park tour through one of the many companies that offer them (we’re happy to make a recommendation), most will include the park’s entrance fee in the cost of your tour package. Below is just a sampling of what you’ll find in Arikok National Park:

The Natural Pool in Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park

The eastern coast of Aruba is much wilder than the calmer west side of the island. The rough surf and crashing waves make swimming far too dangerous except for one spot – the Natural Pool or “Conchi” as the locals call it. Thanks to the work of Mother Nature, a ring of volcanic rocks has formed the perfect place to take a refreshing swim, offering protection from the powerful ocean waves on the other side. Getting to the pool requires a short hike on foot because the site is inaccessible any other way, but the reward is well worth the mild effort it takes to get there! This is natural Aruba at its very best.

Caves in Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park

There are several fascinating caves to explore in Arikok National Park. Guadirikiri Cave (also referred to as Quadiriki or Quadirikiri Cave) is known for its two chambers with holes in the ceiling that allow the sun’s rays to shine down into the cave for dramatic natural lighting effects. Fontein Cave, located near Boca Prins, is famous for its cave drawings made by Arawak native peoples in ages past along with its colorful stalagmites and stalactites in a variety of striking shapes and sizes. Huliba Cave is another popular spot, also called the “Tunnel of Love” for its heart-shaped entrance. Make sure you have a flashlight to explore the full depths of this 300-foot long cave! All three caves are home to various species of bats that nest inside them, but don’t worry, the bats are completely harmless and only come out at night to look for food.

Flora and Fauna in Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park

Keep an eye out for all kinds of birds and animals as you travel around the park with its desert landscapes full of cactuses and occasional scrubby trees. You might catch a glimpse of wild goats, wild donkeys and iguana lizards, but there are also several species that are unique to One Happy Island, including the Shoco or burrowing owl, the Kododo Blauw or Aruban whiptail lizard, and the Prikishi or Aruban Parakeet.

Palm Aruba Condos – Your Lodging Oasis on One Happy Island

Arikok National Park

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