Aruba May Events – Palm Aruba Condos

Aruba May Events

It’s hard to choose a month of the year and call it the best time to visit One Happy Island. After all, we are blessed with nearly perfect weather –more sunny days than any other island in the Caribbean and warm temperatures all year long. And each month of the year has its own special events that might make it the perfect time for you to come to Aruba. In […]

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Soul Beach Music Festival 2016

soul beach festival 2016

Soul Beach Music Festival 2016 Of the seven major annual festivals in Aruba each year, the Soul Beach Music Festival is the one not just for lovers of soul music, but side-splitting comedy as well. It’s one of the coolest mixes of excitement and sophisticated entertainment you’ll find anywhere in the world, not to mention it all takes place on one of the most beautiful islands on the entire planet. […]

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