Aruba’s Annual International Regatta

Aruba International Regatta

Tomorrow brings yet another exciting event to Aruba – the Annual International Regatta. People like to say (including the organizers) that it’s three days of parties and two days of races! This is your chance to see all kinds of sailing vessel races – yachts, beach cats, sunfishes, optimists, windsurfers, and kite surfers beginning on Friday August 19 and ending on Sunday August 21. Home base for these events is […]

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New Palm Aruba Dine-Around Package is Sure to Impress

Aruba Dine-Around Partners

At Palm Aruba Condos, we’re always on the lookout for how we can deliver the best combination of value and luxury in fresh, exciting, creative ways. Our newest effort is one that is sure to please all of our clients: The Palm Aruba Dine-Around Package. Up to four people can stay in one of our luxury condos for just $180 per night, and enjoy one discounted meal each day at […]

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