Flying Aruba Airlines to One Happy Island

Aruba Airlines

When Air Aruba declared bankruptcy in 2000 and shut down its operations, One Happy Island was left without its own fully operational airline for the next 12 years. However, it was in 2006 when Aruba Airlines was born, at least on paper. Getting an airline started on a small island nation is no easy task! Finally, in 2010 the fledgling company was able to begin making chartered flights on a very limited basis using a seven-seat Piper PA-31 Navajo in 2010.

The company worked hard over the next year to attract additional investors and was finally able to upgrade to jet planes in 2012. It received an Airline Operation Certificate in August 2012 and began leasing two Airbus A320-200 150-seat twin-engine jet planes, and later added a third plane of the same type, all of which prominently feature the flag of Aruba on their exterior tail sections. Each of these aircraft include 12 Business Class and 138 Economy Class seats.

Aruba Airlines: Expanding and Growing

Aruba Airlines
Aruba Airlines now has daily flights to and from the Venezuelan cities of Maracaibo and Venezuela, as well as daily service to and from Miam FL in the United States. Other destination with regular service include Curaçao, the Dominican Republic, and Panama. In addition the company also conducts chartered flights to Cuba and Miami when needed.

In an exciting development just recently, Aruba Airlines announced finalization of a four-year dry-lease agreement with Ireland SMBC Aviation Capital for an Airbus A319-100 to further enhance its fleet and expand the number of destinations served in North and South America. This good news helps carry the company’s momentum forward, which employs 300 people, 139 of whom are employed at company headquarters on One Happy Island with the rest working in the various locations served.

Palm Aruba Condos and Aruba Airlines

Aruba Airlines
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